DermaEnvy Skincare Moncton - Dieppe is your Medical Aesthetics + Skin Care Clinic offering the latest in medical aestheics spa and non-invasive cosmetic treatment technology in a comfortable gender neutral clinical environment while offering top quality skincare brands catering to all skin types and conditions.  Visit us at 988 Champlain Street, near intersection of Dieppe Blvd and Champlain Street in same building as Salon Cabello and Feel Good Massage Therapy. 

 988 Champlain Street

Dieppe, New Brunswick

E1A 1P8



   **NEW** EXTENDED CLINIC HOURS: (Effective April 1st 2019)

Sunday/Mon Closed

Tuesday                  10 - 7pm

Wednesday            10 - 7pm

Thursday                10 - 7pm

Friday                      10 - 4pm

Saturday                 10 - 4pm


LASER + MEDICAL AESTHETIC TREATMENTS | Available at DermaEnvy Moncton Dieppe Clinic

  • Moncton Dieppe Laser Hair Removal

  • Photofacial in Moncton Dieppe

  • Skin Rejuvenation in Moncton Dieppe

  • Sun Spot Treatment in Moncton Dieppe

  • Moncton Dieppe Age Spot Treatment

  • Moncton Dieppe Acne Treatments

  • Moncton Dieppe Rosacea Treatment

  • Vein Removal in Moncton Dieppe

  • Fine Lines + Wrinkle Reduction in Moncton Dieppe

  • Moncton Dieppe Body Conturing / Slimming

  • Non-Invasive Cellulite Reduction in Moncton Dieppe

  • UltraCavitation Treatments in Moncton Dieppe

  • Skin Tightening in Moncton Dieppe

  • Moncton Dieppe LED Light Therapy

  • Collagen Induction Therapy in Moncton Dieppe

  • Moncton Dieppe Laser Tattoo Removal

SKINCARE TREATMENTS | Available at DermaEnvy Moncton Dieppe Clinic

  • *NEW* Facial Treatment Menu in Moncton Dieppe

  • Chemical Peels in Moncton Dieppe

  • Microdermabrasion Treatment in Moncton Dieppe

  • Smile360 Teeth Whitening in Moncton Dieppe

  • Microneedling Treatment in Moncton Dieppe

  • Dermaplaning in Moncton Dieppe

  • Waxing for Women and Men in Moncton Dieppe

SKINCARE PRODUCT BRANDS | Available at DermaEnvy Moncton Dieppe Clinic

  • Skincode of Switzerland in Moncton Dieppe NB

  • Skincode AGElab in Moncton Dieppe

  • Skincode Essentials Skincare in Moncton Dieppe

  • Clearogen 3 Step Acne Treatment in Moncton Dieppe

  • Jane Iredale - The Skin Care Makeup in Moncton Dieppe NB

  • Smile360 Teeth Whitening Products in Moncton Dieppe

  • SKINFUEL Advanced Skincare in Moncton Dieppe

  • Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic in Moncton Dieppe




  • A Proud BlueCross Blue Advantage Provider

  • Member of Canadian Association of Medical Spas and Aesthetic Surgeons

  • Member of Association of Aesthetic Laser Professionals

  • Member of Spa & Wellness Association of Canada

  • Member of New Brunswick Cosmetology Association

  • Rated by Three Best Rated, 2018 + 2019 Top 3 Medi Spa in Moncton

  • Chairs for Charity, Moncton Chamber of Commerce

  • Moncton Headstart Christmas Toyland

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Moncton Fundrasier

  • Greater Moncton Realtors Association Golf Tournament

  • Junior Achivement of New Brunswick Auction (2017, 2018, 2019)

  • Fundrasier Banquet of Business Admin, University de Moncton


  • New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) Student Alumni Discount Partner

  • Killiam Properties Resident Perks Partner


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Best Med spa in Moncton

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