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The exact cause of spider and varicose veins is not completely clear, but there are common aspects that increase the risk:

  • Genetics, heredity

  • Pregnancy

  • Increasing age

  • Sun damage

  • Obesity

  • Mild form of venous insufficiency

Spider veins tend to get worse over time, so the sooner you treat them, the less complicated the treatment will be. The most effective treatments for spider veins are Sclerotherapy and Laser treatment. Using IPL or YAG laser technology, DermaEnvy SKincare uses a spectrum of light directed onto the skin. This concentrated pulse of light heats the vein walls and damages them, so they shrink and disappear.

Our non-invasive laser technology will target and create heat inside the blood vessels, which closes the vein’s walls, eventually causing the vein to disappear. The laser is very precise and only impacts the selected blood vessel and not of the surrounding skin. The IPL filter also targets the blood only and none of the surrounding skin.

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A variety of leg veins, ranging from the most superficial to deeper blood vessels, respond well to laser therapy. Spider veins, very small veins caused by a dilution of the minute vessels that sit near the skin’s surface and reticular veins, the small, bluish coloured veins that carry blood to the skin’s tiny vessels, are just two examples of these type of veins. The laser causes no damage to the overlying skin. Temporary bruising may occur at first, but will fade into final results. We are only able to treat those cosmetic veins that are unraised, should your veins be raised we suggest you schedule an appointment with a local medical specialist.

Like with all our treatments, DermaEnvy Skincare offers FREE Vein Treatment Consultations that can be requested online by clicking the orange button.