Post-Treatment Care Between PhotoFacial/Skin Rejuvenation Sessions

PhotoFacial/Skin Rejuvenation patients whether they received treatment for acne, rosacea, or sun/age spots can anticipate benefits gradually in the weeks following the treatment. Redness and swelling or minor discomfort may occur after a treatment but this will subside shortly. There is very little downtime with this procedure. Patients with darker or deeper complexions, or tanned skin, are at a higher risk for complications following a PhotoFacial/Skin Rejuvenation treatment. However, this procedure is considered one of the safest light-based facial treatments available. Here are some quick pointers to help you take care of the treatment area between sessions and achieve your best results:

  • Use SPF of at least 45 on the treatment area to protect the skin from sun exposure and potential sun damage.

  • Any redness or discomfort following the treatment will subside shortly, there is very little downtime with this procedure.

  • It may take several hours to a day before you begin to notice the results of the treatment. It may take a few days to see results, this varies from treatment-to-treatment.

  • If proper steps are taken to care for the skin between and after your PhotoFacial/Skin Rejuvenation treatments, results can last up to a year or even longer. Wear plenty of sunscreen and consistently follow your at-home skincare routine.

  • Small capillaries may appear larger may appear larger immediately following the treatment but this will fade quickly.

  • It is rare, but mild bruising or swelling may occur, but this too will dissipate shortly.

  • If you are experiencing any serious or concerning side effects, please do not hesitate to contact us or go see a doctor immediately.