Acne is a common skin condition that can develop beyond our teenage years and well into adulthood. It may be caused by any number of factors including clogged pores, excess oil, inflammation, stress, environmental factors, and hormonal fluctuations. Fortunately, technological advancements now enable us to treat this often distressing condition with excellent results. 

NEW TO DERMAENVY, Our 12 Week Acne Treatment Packages that offer several levels of treatment options and investment options with payment plans available. If you dont see a package that suits your needs you can create your own with a wide variety of treatments targeting Teen + Adult Acne, from mild to severe and even acne scaring! 

DermaEnvy Skincare offers many treatments that can aid in the treatment of Acne depending on factors such as stage of acne, severity of active acne, acne scaring, in-clinic treatment, at-home product maintenance and more - The following are some of our options that you can learn more about by clicking the link, we highly recommend scheduling a FREE Skin Consultation to discuss with one of our skin experts ...    


Why Laser Acne Treatments ?

Laser acne therapy aims to prevent run-of-the-mill "zits" such as papules and pustules, appears to be less effective with non-inflammatory acne like whiteheads, blackheads and severe lesions. Laser acne treatments work on the premise of exciting compounds called porphyrins, which live inside acne bacteria. When the lasers excite the porphyrins, the porphyrins damage the bacteria wall, effectively killing the bacteria. Less acne bacteria should help reduce symptoms of acne. Laser treatment may also reduce sebum (skin oil) levels. Laser treatment requires trips to the skincare clinic, and costs $200-$500 per treatment. DermaEnvy usually recommends six to eight treatments, about a 10-14 days apart, to achieve maximum results.

Does Laser Acne Clearance work ?

Several studies attempting to gauge laser effectiveness exist. However, these studies are almost all small cohort (just a few people), sometimes lack split face design (compare one side of the face to the other), tend to lack long follow up (so it's hard to tell if results last), and often employ no controls. Still, almost all of the studies show at least some improvement in acne symptoms. Consensus amongst researchers is that results are temporary since colonies of acne bacteria grow back quickly. Results are also incomplete, meaning lasers alone usually do not completely clear acne. The studies show anywhere from 36% clearance to 83%             (*source: 

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