Praise For Cyberderm Products


I believe The Precautionary Principle is being ignored where soluble sunscreen filters are concerned. The case for banning them is much stronger than BPA. This shifts the burden of protection against harm from the government to you. Selecting your family sunscreen is actually quite simple – just avoid those filters that enter blood regardless of the level, and usethose large insoluble particle type filters – safer and more effective from better UVA1 protection.  In Canada and the USA- we have limited access to UVA filters – only avobenzone and zinc oxide. I do not recommend avobenzone – it enters blood to a “limited” degree and is not photostable. Industry adds other chemicals that also pass into blood to “stabilize” it. Yet looking at extinction curves (which consumers never see), informs  us that some formulas may still allow the transmission of over 35% of incident UVA1 through the sunscreen and damaging the skin.


Most zinc oxide sunscreens on the market have low levels that cannot provide optimal UVA protection. Our new sunscreens will provide UVA values > 15-40, unmatched anywhere.  Remember to look for 20% or more of zinc oxide. Many of these products have poor esthetic qualities- whitening on skin, oily or greasy feel on skin, and funny odors. At CyberDERM – we only use particles that remain on your skin- transparent zinc oxide and encapsulated octinoxate – titanium dioxide is a safe alternative – we do not use it as it adds to the white appearance on skin. Both of our sunscreens are EWG recommended Top Products. We are proud of our accomplishments, asa small Canadian company. Others share our enthusiasm.


Every Morning Sun Whip™ with 15% zinc oxide and 7.5% encapsulated octinoxate applies in a transparent film with a matte finish perfect for daily use under make-up. It receives widespread acclaim :

“As The Editor of New You, I have been asked to try numerous sunscreens over the years. I reviewed the material provided by Dr. Dudley in preparing my article. I appreciated his concepts  and after using the CyberDERM Every Morning Sun Whip, I became a huge fan of the formula that I now use exclusively – I feel it is a Goldilocks formulation – not too thick and not too thin – just right.   I am loving the CyberDERM sunscreen- it feels so good on the skin and I now trust his ingredients.”

Ruchel Louis, Executive Editor, NEW YOU, The Voice of Health and Beauty.


Simply Zinc ™ with 22% clear zinc oxide was named as sunscreen of the year 2015 by The Beauty Editor.  “I prefer to use mineral sunscreens, not chemical ones, and Cyberderm Simply Zinc Sun Ship SPF 30 is the best one I’ve ever found.“ It was also selected by ELLE and Canadian Living magazines as a favourite product.


Both Every Morning Sun Whip™ and Simply Zinc™ are preferred for photosensitive disorders “Zinc oxide has long been on my radar of excellent sunscreen ingredients. I waseager to try CyberDERM’s Sun Whips – I am now a huge fan of Every Morning Sun Whip.  I tested their products in the blazing New Mexican sun. I have  a medical photosensitivity due to lupus, nearly translucent skin that if unprotected burns in a few minutes and freckles in mere seconds. I live at high altitude, nearly a mile above sea level, in the New Mexican desert. Because of lupus, I require the utmost in UV protection for the sake of my overall health. Patients with photosensitive lupus demand and deserve a truly high-performance sunscreen, and  as we need to wear it religiously, it ought to be pleasant to use. With CyberDERM, I have finally found my Holy Grail sunscreens. They have achieved the rare feat of preventing me from freckling, making it the one and only North American sunscreen company I have tried that keeps me from freckling.  Although freckles are cute, they indicate a degree of sun damage. With all this in mind, CyberDERM Sun Whips have exceeded my hopes and expectations. They provide powerful, lasting and balanced UVA/UVB protection I trust, combined with an unexpected, but delightful blendability and aesthetic elegance.  In my vast sunscreen experience to date, CyberDERM Sun Whips are unparalleled.  I also exclusively use CyberDERM Sun Whips on my young daughters, to protect their delicate skin with efficacy and purity I trust. Simply Zinc Sun Whip is a joy to use.  These are simply the best zinc based sunscreens I have ever found and I use them daily.”

Melissa M. Davis PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Photosensitive Lupus Patient.